Lead Me to the Pond

Free Verse


May 4, 2020

(2 min read)

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Memories float around,

how many people’s lives

tangled by every stream.

The fish pop out but are

never seen,

yet they continue on

with their nameless moments

of sparkle, each wondering her

worth. Tell me, O Pond,

after collecting tears and sweat for years,

witnessing generations of inquiry,

am I worthy?

The provider of life- the god to many,

preach to me, have you ever felt fear of

imperfections amongst your

waves of memories?

Or the yearning for proof

of your value?

The eternity of adolescents

that once had their dreams

inscribed in this water live out

their lives trying to justify

the worth that they were already born with.

Perhaps they reflected in the currents

their values derived from fears

of invisibility, beside the fish that

suffers the same fate.

Would she fade knowing

she’d tried clasping something inherent,

roaming away her time only to grasp that

she had drained her own pond? Or maybe,

you, O Pond, have been filled by the

futile grind for validation

when it already exists.

Or the cycle continues,

more fish come over and

strive for ripples towards confirmation,

though you simply observe the generations passed

with no emotion or prejudice.

You let regret fill you and

still pass life to the next.

But please lead me to your fountain,

show me an end to this whirlpool,

and rescue that aimless fish from

these endless ways.

Then, in your final lesson,

Tell me, O Pond,

that each of us is worthy.